The central system consists of an Industrial PC Shuttle W7 with the Liftpictures software “Viewer 4.1″.

This has numerous parameters for controlling various functional modules, such as

  • Social Media in Dialogue (Facebook, eCARD)
  • Immediate printing (also different formats / printers)
  • via keyboard controllable control ( selfie mode, parameters)
  • face recognition for quick preselection of your own photos
  • SocialMedia via the web interface with the printed QR code “scan & post”
  • image conversion (effects like chromakey, sephia, overlays, branding)
  • interface for coin changer / bill validator (in self service terminal mode)
  • accounting

The use is very simple and designed for high throughput; 4 photos / minute are possible in self-service mode (search, payment, printing). The user guidance takes place via pictograms and customizable language files. In the layout of the main monitor / upper screen, the current photos slowly progress to the animation and can be selected by touch.

am SB-Fotoautomaten mit Touchscreen-Steuerung, Münzwechsler und Geldscheinprüfer von Liftpictures!

am SB-Fotoautomaten mit Touchscreen-Steuerung, Münzwechsler und Geldscheinprüfer von Liftpictures!

The following switchable functions are available for the current picture selection:

  • facebook posting
  • print (ie 2 printers with 2 different formats possible)
  • eCARD
  • start selftimer (if used as a photo point)
Touchscreen im IP67 Gehäuse mit Liftpictures Software im Landebeckenbereich einer Wasserrutsche
Touchscreen in IP67 housing with Liftpictures dialog software – near exit of water tubing / SPA run

These can be switched on / off via parameters, as well as the posting and e-mail texts. Even design and branding remain so customizable.

If “SocialMedia” is important, but there is not enough time per guest for the dialogue, we recommend using the “Web Interface” module. So the dialogue of the guest can be done later after leaving the exhibit on the own Smartphone.

The parameters and modules are set up during the installation together with the customer and stored in a control file. This ensures that the stored processes, functions and designs are permanently stored and retained after each reboot. An adjustment during operation is possible by the administrator of the customer or by us using remote maintenance. The system can be operated using the numeric keypad, touchscreen or mouse.

By default, 2 graphics outputs are available for independent control of sales and presentation screens (multiframe). The system can also be upgraded to run 8 independent screens (Mutiscreen).

This software is constantly being developed by us, so we recently took into account the current topic of “data protection” with special functions in the central system and on the web server.

For printing the photos, various thermal transfer devices with rolls up to 700 sheets / roll are used, so that the printing time less than 9 seconds / photo and the cost / photo remain under 9 € net (photo format 10 x 15) cm, alternative formats: 13×18 and 15×20 cm).