eMotional branding as a modern element of your brand advertising.

Use the captured smile of your guests only for the production of merchandizing articles “photo souvenirs”?

That was yesterday!

Today, more and more nice free giveaways for a positive image are distributed via such camera installations.

Other measurable benefits arise from “eMotional Branding”:

  • The smile in the photos represents the positive feeling that your guests experienced during the use of the attraction
  • this positive feeling is associated with your brand through branding this way
  • your guests will remember your brand / attraction positively and for longer, which ensures more customer loyalty (picture on the fridge ..)
  • by distributing these photos in social networks, this effect is reinforced several times
    • within “friends” one trusts the recommendation (“social proof”) and also wants to experience “cool”; this ensures additional visitors to your attraction
    • the collected “Likes!” & “Shares” prove this on the operator’s Facebook page and improve your Google ranking (also for non-friends of your guests = more awareness)
    • the collected “Likes!” in your own timeline exaggerate your own experience (customer loyalty)
    • You can address these followers directly and more specifically via your Facebook page (customer analysis and loyalty)


Various processes can be set:

  • The guest can either scan an individual QR code, which is located on the photo they have bought, with their smartphone and is thus directed directly to “their” photo (on our web server). From there he can download it directly, post it on Facebook or email it. This is the most common configuration, the “fun is shared” and the photo souvenir is enhanced by the code (the code as an option also ensures price differentiation: “with code = € 4, without code € 3.50 – also in our self-service machine Currency exchange function no problem).
Lftpictures in Südtirol

Example with code, just click it

  • This code can also be displayed on a monitor at the attraction next to / on your own photo, or it can be printed on a receipt at our dialogue terminal to take away.
  • Alternatively, the photo can also be “posted” and “emailed” directly online at the dialogue terminal without having to have your own smartphone at hand (e.g. in Aqua Adventure Worlds or as an additional product at the self-service machine).
  • For PhotoPoints, we also offer the camera to be triggered via APP, which then immediately displays your “own” photo on the smartphone for the above-mentioned use.
  • Finally, access can also be implemented via a landing page, which e.g. shows the last 5 photos continuously.
self service dialog terminal

self service dialog terminal

The eCARD and Facebook posting texts are permanently adjustable:

Liftpictures Facebook

data protection

It is very important to assign the photos to the respective guest by means of “personalization” if the process takes place without staff / control. We can offer this using various methods: The guest already has an ID with them, which we can read in before the photo is taken and then assign (ski pass, RFID armband, face recognition) via the usual procedure: The guest buys “his” photo on which there is a personalized access code (QR) We can also set “image durability” and “pixelate” the photos. The respective photo is only released after it has been approved by an ID check by email.


Software & Services

The solution consists of a client program “web interface” on your central unit and a set of (Check) PHP scripts with a MySQL database on our photo server. Customer settings and hundreds of thousands of photos are managed there. Communication takes place via FTP; this protocol is also suitable for slow data connections. While the client program offers comparatively few setting options (compression, additional logos / overlays, e.g. for sponsors), your log-in to the customer admin area on our photo server allows numerous adjustment and analysis options:

  • Change advertising texts (for posting, sharing, eCARD)
  • Discontinue data protection procedures
  • Customize the design elements of the landing page
  • Get statistics
  • Retrieve used email addresses for advertising purposes
  • Plan and carry out promotions with the collected email addresses
  • New 2020: Post-sale option “PayPal”