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Special requirements must be met for photo systems in leisure and adventure pools:

  • housing made of ALU according to DIN IP67 to protect the sensitive technology from penetrating chlorine vapors
  • special requirements with regard to mechanical and electrical engineering
  • positioning of the camera for consistently good image quality despite splash water, fog and condensation
  • personalization via RFID reader – integration of the existing media (at the start of the slide as well as at the terminal or cash register)
  • Bi-directional communication via XML interface to the existing accounting / cash register system

We have already been able to implement all of this in various projects, so delays in the course of the project and failures in long-term operation are excluded.

Liftpic Kamerasysteme "waterproof"

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The Karlsruhe Eurobad project from 2015 is certainly of particular interest.

For the first time, it was about one of these social media installations with an onride camera in the Green Viper slide in order to bind one’s own “fan base” and to advertise the new attack. The camera and flash are housed in the slide with a special attachment; they are reliably triggered by a see-through light barrier after the guest has activated the system at the start of the slide using an RFID bracelet for an adjustable time window. The dialog terminal is located in the landing area, where, after logging in again using the RFID bracelet, the user can only open his / her photo (s) and send it as an email greeting card or post it on Facebook – without their own smartphone. In this way, awareness, image and brand loyalty are increased for the operator (see social media plug-in).


SB-Terminal im Landebeckenbereich


Self-service terminal in the landing area with RFID readers for personalization and social media

Dialog am Touch-Terminal


Dialogterminal mit Bonausgabe

Dialog terminal with receipt issue for the “social media plug-in”

In the “Alpamare”, on the other hand, the focus was on traditional sales, with a connection to the Micros POS system.

At the landing area terminal, the guest looks for his picture and “books” or “reserves” it on his chip wristband using the integrated RFID reader.

In the exit area is the associated printing machine, where the guest can print out his “purchased” pictures by holding the chip in front of them.

At the same time, there is the possibility of displaying, buying and printing the “reserved” photos at the ticket office – also after RFID reading.


Präsentation und Personalisierung/Kauf am Ruschenende im Alpamar

presentation at the landing area, incl. personalization und buying

Druckautomat mit RFID-Leser am Ausgang

print terminal with rfid reader at the exit

Manueller Verkauf

..or with manual sales at kassa

Präsentation und Personalisierung am Rutschenende über RFID Leser

presentation and personalization