PhotoBooth self service terminal in the very south of Europe

Posted on 22. June 2020 at 13:29

Delayed by corona, here a nice actual installation in Spain/Andalusia/Nerja – powerd by the touristic management:

The antrance to the National Parque – a unforgettable moment!

Now shooted for a nice souvenir by the self service terminal photo booth machine … by Liftpictures!

Nerja Liftpictures



Foto in Nerja  t11Unbenannt



All attractions opend.
All photo systems updated.
All photo installations online..

Posted on 01. June 2020 at 12:08


How long Corona will still brake our business, and will our branch be supported from our government..? Nobody can say.

But independend from this we have a optimistic view, and are well prepared with new tools, functions and well known good service for our customers.

Good look!


Corona - a catastrophy in slow motion.

Hard times have dawned not only for the tourism industry (and its suppliers like us ...),  it will hit all areas economically hard.

We are less concerned with loosing money than with all people and their health worldwide and - finally, also for ourselves.

Stay healthy and keep your distance ..!

This is the only way to combat this devilish virus effectively.

If everyone around the world could keep it at the same time, it would be returned after 3 weeks into Pandorra's box again.

And - if you should need a photo system nevertheless, look at out ready-to run sets, we ship and service remotly all around the world.

Tom Nolting
March 20, 2020

New photo flash system on Rügens Alpine Coaster – like police traffic photo, but much cheaper and in better quality!

Posted on 20. January 2020 at 13:09

Our most northeastern customer since 2009 has kept the Liftpictures system up to date with regular updates. Since 2020, guests have been offered an even better image quality, light mix of flash and daylight, and extra fun because of the integrated and verifiable speed measurement.

This is how “being flashed” is fun!
The self-service vending machine with receipt and change of banknotes and coins, the additional postcard printing at the ticket office, the optional QR code on the photos for sharing in social media and the best speed/record display with self-updating winner photo not only make the Liftpictures photo system an important attraction at the attraction for guests. The operators are also happy about additional business, customer loyalty and e-awareness in google and social media.

00051_202001171409244000 00048_202001171403154028

What’s new at Liftpictures?

Posted on 18. December 2019 at 10:39

We say THANKS! to our customers and suppliers at the end of the successful year 2019 for the good cooperation and wish you a happy Christmas and a happy new year!

The good add-on business by selling photo souvenirs has also been very stable this year for our custumers, while the importance of eMarketing through online use in social media has increased significantly in the areas of awareness, image and brand advertising for years.

It is therefore worthwhile for everyone involved to continue investing in this field.

We are expanding two software modules:

  • Photo booth/self-service machines: shopping cart function and credit card payment with new terminals (all-in-one)
  • Online portal: admin area with DirectMail functions for automatic e-campaigns

At the same time, we are expanding our service concept for quick help

  • also on weekends and public holidays by hotline and remote support (free of charge, as this service is rarely required due to the high system stability :-)
  • by express delivery of spare parts

The Liftpictures team is looking forward to your projects next year!

Going with the times - further developments guaranteed!

Posted on 30. October 2019 at 13:09

After 13 projects until the end of the summer season is now more time for the further development of the system, already done:
  • Upgrades the camera control for improved dynamic range
  • Image storage with data protection according to current jurisdiction
  • Cameras up to 12 megapixels

By the end of the year are planned:

  • Concluding the conversion of our customers with older systems to the current software version under Windows 10
  • Testing of the credit card terminals of Ingenico, which can already be integrated in self-service machines, in different countries / with different providers; Cash operation (coins and banknotes) is possible parallel to the cashless payment in the self-service machines
Optimierte  Bildaquise auch bei schwierigen Lichtverhältnissen

Optimized image saving also with low light situations after the flash-range

Easy export by  ready-to-run sets

Posted on 26. July 2019 at 14:28

Shortly before the company holidays, we still have a photo system set off as a set – to the company Sunkid for export.
Further export projects the last months went to the “Ahr valley”, to the “Erzgebirge”, to Switzerland (2x), to Lithuania, to Spain, to the Slovakai,
to Taiwan and Korea.
The components are all tested and installed, the end customer can easily assemble them himself – with our instructions and
support via hotline and remote support.
This saves costs and reduces the delivery time to a few working days.

Export by system = easy, quick and cheap


Total Fotosystem from Liftpictures witch flash and self-service-terminal, already mounted for 25.000 €

Posted on 12. July 2019 at 10:11

This is an easy calculation – pay back in a couple of months:

Sell each day between 50 and 200 photos without extra staff  (= 10 – 20 % of the runs), to each sell price of 4 Euro, and material costs at 0,10 €.

Also changing light- and weather conditions are no problem, so easy to use for guests and staff!

So in this example the decision to stop the old manual system from another company was clear for our customer :-)

SB-Automat von Liftpictures


Wechselnde Licht- und Wetterverhältnisse kein Problem t00088

Foto mit Blitz - Liftpictures Fotoanlagen für beste Qualität

Foto mit Blitz – Liftpictures Fotoanlagen für beste Qualität

Whats working at amusement- and water parcs, is also good for dark forsts:

Posted on 24. June 2019 at 10:07

The classic configuration: 
Photo system on the summer toboggan run with self-service photo booth. 
With less effort you can not earn more money! 
Not even on the longest summer toboggan run in the Alps. 
This project honors us especially because it concerns the realization of current technology at one of our first customers from 2006, 
and the thus documented satisfaction with our price / performance ratio. Finally the first data protection method is realized here. 
Imster Bergbahnen mit Liftpictures

Imster Bergbahnen mit Liftpictures

Imster Bergbahnen mit Liftpictures

Imster Bergbahnen mit Liftpictures


Whats working at amusement- and water parcs, is also good for dark forsts:

Posted on 27. May 2019 at 09:21

Liftpictures PhotoSystem with self-service machine (modul-options: cain changer, paper money checker or credit card reader) and flash-camera generates an extra benefit for this special attraction in the trees and more fun for the guests.

self service termial

Camera with flash in the trees

FlyLine mit Liftpictures

FlyLine mit Liftpictures


Visit us and get the exhibition-reduction in Innsbruck :

Posted on 02. May  2019 at 15:21

If you visit us next week on the Interalpin 2019 and order a photosystem, you will get 5 % off from the official prices!


From old to new:

Posted on 09. April 2019 at 12:21

New camera system with 12 MP in Cochem – the flash makes the difference  (same day, same hour):


new camerasystem

new camerasystem


Kamera und Blitz

Kamera und Blitz

Selling by photo self service terminal:


Liftpictures Automat

Liftpictures Automat

Famous photographers: Archbishop of Salzburg

Posted on 01. March 2019 at 09:11

A new fun installation from the Burgmuseum Salzburg:

Here the guest is automatically photographed while opening the coffin - accompanied by a scary laugh.

Creepy - surprisingly and optimally suitable for thematizing the museum.


Salzburger Sargkamera

Salzburger Sargkamera

We used a 5.3 MP camera, 4 flash units and a central server PC with software for camera control, green screen conversion and cash register sales. 3 monitors for animation, presentation and sales dialogue complete the installation. 
This is our second photo installation at the Museum of Liftpictures at Dr. Ing. Berer, Fa. Salzburg Highlights.

Salzburger Sargkamera

Salzburg Museum

Salzburg Museum

Special installations..

Posted on 08. February 2019 at 13:22

This attraction is really exciting: One slides down 188 meters vertically in a Wiegand tube in the mountain tunnel. At the end there is a great SmilePhoto by Liftpictures - sold via the self-service machine at the end of the slide.
photographed in the tunnel and sold by a self service terminal from Liftpictures

photographed in the tunnel and sold by a self service terminal from Liftpictures (on this photo the terminal is closed)


On Ride Photography

Posted on 22. November  2018 at 12:59


A young lady asked you – sitting in the lift chair – wether you want a photo. If yes, you was photographed by her and got a printed number at the exit of the cable car. With this number you could got to a photo shop in the city and order+pay your photo souvenir. After some days you got it deliverd by post. A very long time – compared with the technic today.

Manual sales

Manual sales

This i thought to me in the year 2005, after using this manual service.
In those times the industrial cameras we used for other projects at Siemens had really bad quality, so the only way was to use digital consumer cameras (with self developed software) or the grabbing an image from an analog video stream – in PAL quality (720 x 576). * This you find even today at some companys, if you look at their names *

Starting with option 1 we offered already photo systems with digital 4 MP quality images in 2006 with low budgets; “Liftpictures” was born.

cochem camera liftpictures

cochem camera liftpictures


Our customers use 9 MP industrial camera system with a selfservice terminal. So the guests are shooted automatically and can choose, pay and print their pictures immiatally at the exit – on good days more than 200 times/day – making good profit (selling price for example 3 €; material costs 0,09 €).

cochem self service by liftpictures

cochem self service by liftpictures

Kitchen Mile fair 2018 with personal photo souvenir

Posted on 17. October 2018 at 11:19

Start .. Smile .. Cheese! .. Flash ..!

SB Fotoautomat von Liftpictures

SB Fotoautomat von Liftpictures

Already 10 seconds later the instant selphie is in the shaft the integrated self-service machine of Liftpictures.

So we give your brand a smiling face!

The perfect tool for your brand advertising:

Selfie Automat FunFotoBox von Lieftpictures

Selfie Automat FunFotoBox von Lieftpictures

A better memorandum and believable recommendations guaranteed included!


Flash Me!

Posted on 28. September 2018 at 17:13

Also at summer toboggan runs sometimes a flash unit is needed for technical reasons. If for example sometimes a day the sun or its reflections shines into the camera or a use during darkness is needed. The actual 1″-chips cameras  with 9 MP resolution und semi-light measurement provide independent from the changing daylight perfect results!


Photos nonstop!

Posted on 23. July 2018 at 9:52

Great snapshots, 360 pieces / hour, are fully automatic “in the box”. The box is realized as a wall installation, where the pictures are sold fully automatically.
The printer can be supplied with photo paper during operation from the back easily accessible, every 700 photos a change is necessary, so every 4 to 7 days.
The motivation for the photo sales already takes place at the ticket office, so image buying rates of 10% and more are realistic.

Liftpictures an Sommerrodelbahnen - für natürliche Fotos!

Liftpictures an Sommerrodelbahnen – für natürliche Fotos!


SB-Fotoautomat by Liftpictures

SB-Fotoautomat by Liftpictures


Selfservice PhotoSystem at a Cableway

Posted on 02. July 2018 at 12:54

Making fun for our customer  and the guests, buying their photos out of the box in less than 15 sec.

Working 6 weeks now  = made about 9.000 euro, about 30 % of the total investment!




Liftpictures in Cochem an der Mosel

Liftpictures in Cochem an der Mosel

Self mounting of a Fotosystem – no problem with the preconfigured EasyCAM foto equipment.

That saves costs and reduces the realisation time. The set is comming complete (camera 5,4 MP with outdoor housing, central unit with installed Liftpictures software, photo printer, sales- and presentation screen, sensor, cables) and has only to be plugged/wired, as discribed in the manual. Questions are answerd quickly; the last settings are controlled by remote access.

Here the example from Slovenia.

simple but good

Liftpictures photo systems. We do it  worldwide.

Amortisation during less then one season garanteed


New Fotosystem with integrated self service terminal in Austria

This machine sells the pictures automatically, it can change 6 different types of coins and 3 different kinds of paper money.

Liftpictures SB-Fotoautomat als Einbaulösung

More news from the last 2 years

(out of our old web, not translated)

Fotoanlage in der Schweiz/Sommerrodelbahn

Softwaremodul in der Schweiz/Fotostudio

Fotoanlage mit Blitz in Österreich beim Schausteller

Fotoanlage im Erlebnisbad

Fotoanlage in der Schweiz/Gletscher: Kamera mit Blitz und Facerecognition

Fotoanlage an Sommerrodelbahn im Sauerland

Fotoanlage in an der Sommerrodelbahn mit SB-Automat in der Schweiz

Fotopoint im Landtag Stuttgart

Fotoanlage in Italien/Sommerrodelbahn mit Blitz

Fotoanlage in Österreich/Sommerrodelbahn

Mobile Fotoanlage mit Blitz und SB-Automat an Wildwasserbahn/Schaustellerbetrieb

Fotoanlage SB-Automat an Sommerrodelbahn

Mobile Photobooth-Säule in den USA

Fotoanlage mit SB-Fotoautomat incl. Münz- und Scheinwechsler, Kamerasystem mit Blitz

Fotoanlage an der Sommerrodelbahn in Thailand

Offshore Onrideshooting mit Blitz

Fotopoint als Automat mit Blitz

Fotopoint in Österreich/Museum mit Blitz

Fotoanlage in der Schweiz/Erlebnisbad mit Blitz

Fotoanlage in Lettland/Sommerrodelbahn

Fotopoint in der Schweiz/Museum mit Blitz

Fotopoint in der Schweiz/Aussichtsplattform

Fotoanlage an der Achterbahn mit Multiblitz

Fotoanlage in Österreich: Sommerrodelbahn mit SB-Automat im Sommer; im Winter als PhotoPoint auf Skistrecke

Fotoanlage in Italien: System mit Blitz und SB-Automat, im Sommer am Klettergarten, im Winter an der Rodelbahn

Fotopoint als SB-Automat

Mobiler Fotopoint als Eventmodul

New development: Photosystem in SPA area with flash and Facebook-interface:

In the “Europabad Karlsruhe” this system works fine since the beginning of 2016, the guests can post their crazy photo online one of the two touchscreen terminal there for free . A very very nice marking tool for the owner!