The camera unit produces JPG photo files in high quality and sends them via FTP to a central POS system for presentation / printing and / or to a web server.

Liftpictures Kamerasystem mit Blitzeinheit im Mischbetrieb zur Aufhellung des Tageslichtes

Liftpictures camera system with light mix (flash and daylight)

The following modules are available:

- 5 - 12 MP Industrial Cameras (GigE)
- FlashSystem (Single, MultiShoot) ventilated in the ALU outdoor housing)

- standard (plastic)
- Standard outdoor stainless steel XXL
- Special: Design according to customer requirements (ALU powder coated or stainless steel) Special housing IP 67 (SPA)
Minox XXL Kamera by Liftpictures

Design-housing “Minox Spy Camera XXL”

SPA Gehäuse IP67 für Kamera und Blitz

SPA housing during mounting


- Sensors (photoelectric sensors, ultrasound or similar) in photo systems or

- Selftimer (for photo points, control via animated push button, Tocuscreen or mobile website)

Optional modules:

- Speed ​​measurement or time measurement (interface, control PC and other light barriers)

- Web interface (for the realization of FotoPoints with picture calendar)