Alpine installations..

... are particularly popular with us, hence the company name “Liftpictures“; arose from a pilot project in Switzerland on Mount Titlis in 2006.

This has meanwhile turned into 18 special projects “between 1,600 and 3,200 mtr”, with a wide variety of requirements in terms of process and function.

What they all have in common are the particularly tough conditions for people (assembly & revision) and material (frost, hurricane, overvoltage …), which we consider constructively.In this way we can ensure trouble-free operation with the best photo quality for many years.

Often it is about winter attractions, such as PhotoPoints on viewing platforms; but we have also already implemented high-alpine “onride cameras” for photo souvenirs on lifts, winter toboggan runs or ski race tracks with speed measurement.

Our system becomes really lucrative when it can be used in the winter and summer seasons – it can be easily converted and its design and function can be quickly adjusted using parameters.

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Gletscher-Kamera Liftpictures

Glacier-proofed outdoor housing for all kinds of cameras


PhotoPoint mit Social-Media-Plug-In

PhotoPoint with Social-Media-Plug-In


PhotoPoint gletscherproof by Liftpictures

PhotoPoint by Liftpictures at “Pitz Glora” alias James Bond


Verkaufsstattion am Lift - über 3200 mtr

Outdoor-sales station – at 3200 mtr


Liftpictures Fotosystmes in Südtirol

Liftpictures Fotosystems at winter runs near cable car station